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  1. Hey @MatthiasJ, Nextcloud is necessary since there's no standalone CalDAV / CardDAV component in the QNAP ecosystem and compiling for qpkg seems a major pain. The Nextcloud "1€ version" doesn't work for me as it requires PHP 7.3 as i said and QApache has only PHP 7.2.29. SEPA or direct bank transfer would solve the prob, but i can't be forced to accept PayPal's conditions. We can only hope that @cris_admin@cris wakes up and/or QNAP shows some responsibility now.
  2. I tried tricking the installaton by modding the condition in lib/versioncheck.php, but that just gave me the same error one step deeper ("Composer"). @cris, please help us out and tell us how we can upgrade php to 7.3 or provide the original Nextcloud version that gets along. Even if it is only 1€, i think it's not nice to let us down here. I'm not using paypal and the process of buying another version is a pain to me.
  3. Could you resolve these problems? I would really like to learn how to upgrade PHP on QTS. Their current customer support is a shame, obviously. Different versions of Apache ending up as different Apps in the customer driven "club" store shows how broken the ecosystem really is.
  4. I have also bought the Qapache module for 1€ and now the plain Nextcloud does not work; it throws an error which says it needs 7.2.30 when in the description, it says it needs 7.2.29. I would really like to know how this is meant to work as it is.
  5. @cris? Can you read this? Können Sie das lesen?
  6. 21.0.0 claims to need PHP 7.3, Qapache only has PHP 7.2.29 This Nextcloud V 21.0.0 claims to need PHP 7.3 I purchased Qapache 2439.7229 which is what ican get in the store right now. Please help resolve the dependency on PHP 7.3. Thank you!
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