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  1. I found this solution work for me , but I dont know why mysql server stop working sometimes! becouse of this error mysqli_connect(): (HY000/2002): No such file or directory this is easy step by step howto fix this problem in qnap . 1- locate phpmyadmin folder using WinSCP or ssh cd /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/phpMyAdmin/phpMyAdmin 2- now we need to edit config.inc.php by typing in ssh or from WinSCP : from ssh type this: opkg install nano nano config.inc.php 3- now we need to c
  2. hello , I have this issue every day , every day I reboot my qnap and make file clean to fix this issue , my issue is when I try to login to php my admin , I got error cant login to my sql server , mysqli::real_connect(): (HY000/2002): Connection refused. No such file or directory this problem lead that I cant open my wordpress, I host my wordpress in my qnap , and after this happens I cant reach wordpress! and wordpage give me error establishing a database connection , I try stop and restart php my admin , not help , and try clean browsing crash, not help , any one can help ?
  3. hi all , I buy Apache74 to install wordpress 74 , the Wordpress74 default port 54326 , how to change that port to like 8081 , because I have a problem to login to that 54326 port from outside my lan , I can't acsess Wordpress74 on port 54326 from outside lab, how to change Wordpress74.qpkg default port ? thanks in advance
  4. hi , I buy Apache74 & php 74x qpkg, how to change default port 3288 to different port ? becouse I cant acsess this port from outside my lan , please help .
  5. please I buy Apache74, can you give me instruction how to make ssl certification in Apache74? thanks
  6. any help , I buy q marina DB qpkg , and when I try to open it , I got message PHP7.1.3+ is required, Currently installed version 5.6.40 my qnap is ts-228 any one have idea how to upgrade my php to 7 ?
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