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Blizzard Entertainment has revealed the upcoming 9.2 content, Eternity’s End

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Blizzard Entertainment has revealed the upcoming 9.2 content, Eternity’s End. The Eternity’s End content features some new mechanics, along with a new raid, The Sepulcher of the First Ones, among an early preview of the new zone, Zereth Mortis and more.

The Enlightened, a separate faction of brokers we meet in the Zereth Mortis region and know from shadowlands’ previous story, will take us to an area called Haven. This will be the common area where players will spend time during the 9.2 patch. We’ll explore Zereth Mortis in more detail over time by developing a device called Cypher of The First Ones that we’ll find here.

Players will be able to purchase the new tier sets introduced with the game’s latest raid from a vendor for purposes of testing the set bonuses, with the raid and the newly split Tazavesh available for players to take part. There’s also the new Cypher of the First Ones in the zone of Zereth Mortis as well as reputations, item rewards, and the like to be tested out. While everything is subject to change (it is the first version of the test server, after all), it should provide content-starved players with something new to do.

The new raid for 9.2 is the Sepulcher of the First Ones. The raid takes you through some unnatural laws of physics, with weird architecture, world formations and more. Inside, you will find the Jailers Forces, along with an Algalon like enemy corrupted by the Jailer’s magic. More so, you will fight Dreadlords that has some connection to the Shadowlands. Also, Anduin is present in some capacity. We will learn more about him and his condition, as our characters and leaders can avoid the Jailer’s corruption.

For those seeking new challenges, the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid is available, along with the newly split Tazavesh, the Veiled Market, which joins the Mythic+ rotation as two dungeons. There’s also The Jailer’s Gauntlet, a boss battle challenge featuring 8 floors per layer and 8 layers in total. There are four new challenging layers, 13-16 and the addition of Empowered Torments, for extra strength on a few layers. Along with this is the debut of Solo Shuffle, a new brawl that plays out round robin style in 3v3 teams. You can only queue for this PvP mode solo, and the short matches are designed to be challenging, varied, and welcoming.

Moreso, Blizzard have minted at profession changes, along with soulbind, conduit and other balance changes.

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